Saturday, September 29, 2012

Got married, became a father, life has changed and so has blogosphere in a big way. So what?
I'm back to write about the things i was crazy about.
Crazy #1. I was crazy about the Buses. yes, the commuter buses, to be specific the TNSTC Vellore buses and what triggered this post, the recent discovery in skyscrappercity that there are several others that are passionate about TNSTC buses.

To Travel in a TNSTC long distance bus, was a never subsiding wish in my school days.
Here are few TNSTC Vellore bus pictures that i grabbed from tamil film songs.

I loved the Blue grading livery on TNSTC Vellore more than the red livery on TNSTC villupuram.
Buses are more than just a commuting vehicle for few, and i'm lucky to be one of them.

About the pictures:
 First TNSTC Vellore unknown _ from a song in film Sethu
Second TNSTC Vellore Route 84  Pernambet - Chennai - Film Parthen Rasithen
There is one other song that used to track to see a ultimate looking TNSTC bus but my memory failed me.